Client Rob Surgical

Year 2023

Industry Robotic surgery

In 2019, we embarked on our journey as a global design partner in the development of the Bitrack System, Catalonia’s first homegrown surgical robot. Rob Surgical initiated this challenge back in 2008, turning a project idea into a tangible product by 2024.

Our collaboration kicked off in 2019 with the task of shaping a technology that had been in development for 15 years. We started with an immersion and preliminary learning phase to grasp the monumental shift from traditional to robotic surgery. We analyzed all individuals involved in the system’s use, delved into its functionality, drew conclusions from clinical trials, and implemented improvement proposals based on user feedback.

All this information serves as our briefing to sculpt the system with our ever-present guiding principle: simplicity, no matter how technologically complex the project may be.

#productdesign #engineering #robotics #medtech #branding #graphicdesign #packaging #userexperience #prototyping #manufacturingmanagement


After numerous prototypes and testing units, we’re on the brink of launching the Bitrack System, the pioneering surgical robot from Catalonia.


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