Client Vilajuïga

Year 2019

Industry Gastronomic drinks

Pass on and communicate the past, present and future values of the Vilajuïga water. To represent the tradition and history of more than a century, along with the modernity and quality of the new times. The tagline, the lightly sparkling water, is the main value. The sparkling bubbles are represented and part of the identity through the “i” and “j” dots. Red denotes modernity and the typography tradition. The identity has been worked as a calm, natural and simple brand, such as the Vilajuïga water, a water that is as it bubbles up. Carefully made short productions, following the brand philosophy. Stationery, signage, invitations, brandbook, promotional items, exhibitors, merchandising, etc.

#brandstrategy #branding #identity #graphicdesign #logodesign #corporatestationary #webdesign #editorial #packaging


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