MOS collaborates in the “Design + Health” exhibition

“Design+Health” is an exhibition that showcases the important role of design in the healthcare sector, emphasizing its capacity as a tool for progress and the well-being of people. It is a project of València World Design Capital 2022 and the MuVIM (Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity), curated by Ramon Úbeda, Special Mention in the 2021 National Innovation and Design Awards for his dissemination work in this field throughout his life.

For the occasion, more than 500 examples from all design disciplines have been gathered to explain, in a close, entertaining, and friendly way, that good design can save your life.

MOS has participated as a sponsor of the exhibition by contributing several projects designed by the studio and also collaborating in the production of pieces that are part of the show. The exhibition can be visited until mid-April and we invite you to take the opportunity to get to know some of our projects such as RobSurgical, QardioCore, Devicare, and the 3DDF mask.

For more information visit wdcvalencia2022.

WDC_Diseño y Salud_©BravaEstudio - @Brava_es 034
WDC_Diseño y Salud_©BravaEstudio - @Brava_es 093
WDC_Diseño y Salud_©BravaEstudio - @Brava_es 035
WDC_Diseño y Salud_©BravaEstudio - @Brava_es 038
WDC_Diseño y Salud_©BravaEstudio - @Brava_es 073

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