Just Another Lamp is sweeping.


We could not be happier and more proud of our work. JAL is unstoppable, and our lamp has been awarded by four of the most important Design Awards. Many thanks to all of you who have made this possible. Keep on going! Awards: A’DESIGN AWARD. SILVER WINNER Category: Lighting Product. EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD. SILVER […]

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Just 10 days.

JAL keeps climbing to new heights. Now it’s DECOVRY who has trusted in our product and for 10 days you can buy our lamp on their website. If you still don’t have your JAL it’s a good time to visit DECOVRY WEBSITE and buy it!

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LIT Design Awards Announces 2017 Winning Lighting Designs from Around the World.

MOS BCN of Spain was awarded: Category: Designer and Custom Lighting The LIT Design Awards ™ was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. The Lighting Designer of the Year Award recognizes the people and practices striving towards excellence in lighting design implementation and application. BUY NOW

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From MOS we would like to thank all of you who have made it possible for JAL to become a reality, especially all the magazines, blogs and design influencers that have trusted in the project and have contributed their bit for our first product to come out successfully. On the other hand, thank you to […]

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IDA International Design Awards

MOS BCN of Spain was awarded: First Prize in Print Competition for the PEPUS Project. Honorable Mention in Logos, Trademarks and Symbols Competition for the PEPUS Project. Second Prize in Flora and fauna Competition for The American Sport Pet Toy Project. Honorable Mention Prize in Other Products designs Competition for the FFB Photobooth Project IDA […]

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Liderpack Winner 2016

The LiderPack 2016 Awards recognized MOS for its innovative PEPUS Food Packaging MOS has been awarded for the best Food Packaging with PEPUS conservas.  This brand its been relaunched in the market with a colorful, fresh and modern packaging with a totally new brand identity. The jury awarded awards in the packaging category, in the POP segment and […]

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New website for MOS

New season means new website. We changed our website and add some new projects we have done in the last months. You can now surf easier and visit the new menu. Take a moment to check it and let us know your opinion. More projects to be posted soon.

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New collaboration in the US

Agreement with SafeStart

We metn Joshua Caleb Collins (CEO of Catapult Ideas) in our last trip to to New York. Thanks to him we could meet with the guys of SafeStart, a start-up company with a great idea with a main goal: bring people back home safely. We are currently helping them to develop their first device that will […]

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